What’s in a Name? First Things First Knows….

What’s in a Name? First Things First Knows….

First Things First, an earliest-childhood advocacy group in Arizona that focuses on birth to age 5, does not believe in daycare.

They do believe in childcare.

“We are trying to help families understand that we don’t take care of their day. We are taking care of their children,” said Amy Corriveau, chief program officer for First Things First, which has worked closely with Advocacy & Communication Solutions on a number of issues.

Child care implies that something is happening in the environment to help my child develop and grow,” she said in a recent First Things First news item.

Evidence continues to roll in and practices continue to evolve, regarding the brain growth and learning capacity that each child develops in the first five years of life. The child’s environment during that time is critical to how growth and development play out.

Saying “childcare” instead of “daycare” is a more precise and fully-informed approach to that reality.

Days go by, but children deserve care. First things first, indeed!

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