A Field Guide to the 2021 World of Public Policy and Advocacy

A Field Guide to the 2021 World of Public Policy and Advocacy

Grantmaking foundations have a new go-to guidebook on how to navigate today’s world of public policy, thanks in part to Advocacy & Communication Solutions’ contributions to a new report from the Council on Foundations.

Public Policy and Advocacy for Grantmakers dropped in August 2021. It brings ACS combined decades of experience to bear with the Council’s resources for a clear, concise summary guide for grantmakers.

It includes “The Rules in a Nutshell,” two pages of do’s and don’ts for both private and public domains, and “10 Ways for Foundations to Contribute to Effective Public Policies.” These include:

  • Building internal support for policy engagement
  • Spotlighting issues needing public-policy attention
  • Working for judicial system reforms
  • Educating decision makers
  • Developing partnerships with government
  • Building funder coalitions around shared goals

There’s even a comprehensive “cheat sheet” appendix on political lobbying as seen from the foundation and grantee perspective.

To see the full report, visit the Council on Foundations.

To learn more about how ACS works with foundations and grantees across the country and about ACS’ expertise in local, state and national lobbying, see ACS Case Studies.

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