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Latest News

Understanding Infant Mortality

The New York Times recently wrote about a crisis that has plagued the United States for more than two centuries: Infant Mortality – specifically among African American mothers, who are more than twice as likely to lose a child during pregnancy or the first year of life than non-black women. Black infants die at a Read More

New study shows healthcare in families is inter-related: kids receive recommended care when parents are insured

A recent article in Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine highlights a new study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine that finds parental Medicaid enrollment is linked to an increase in pediatric well-child visits for children in low-income families. The study, published in Pediatrics, found that a parent being enrolled in Medicaid was associated with a Read More

Sweeping Changes to the Criminal Justice System on the Horizon

Criminal Justice Reform is getting an increasing level of attention nationally and in state capitals from coast to coast – from legislative fixes to ballot initiatives, addressing our criminal justice system is a hot topic and high priority across the political spectrum. In Ohio, in part due to the Opioid crisis sweeping across the state, Read More

Small towns and rural areas lag in economic and employment growth

A recent Brookings report highlights the divide between large metropolitan areas and small cities and rural areas. Smaller metropolitan areas with less than 250,000 people—representing 9 percent of the nation’s population—have lost ground in terms of economic and population growth. Rural areas had even greater declines in output and employment since 2010. There is some Read More

A perfect storm brewing for foundations and non-profit organizations

A recent analysis by Grants Plus “What does tax reform mean for grant funding?” outlines the implications of the new tax law on philanthropic giving. Grants Plus warns of a “perfect storm” that will impact philanthropic giving if individual donations fall at the same time that federal grants and contracts, and state and local budgets, Read More

ACS client creates a research-based communication strategy and commercials to increase awareness of high-quality early learning

In May of 2017, The Franklin County Department of Job & Family Services (FCDJFS) in Columbus, Ohio contracted with Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC (ACS) to lead and develop their Early Learning Media Campaign between May and September 2017. The purpose of this campaign was to help advance communication among two target audiences– parents and Read More

New Healthy Early Development Tools from the CDC

In an effort to encourage parents and providers to learn the signs of and monitor the healthy development of young children and take action when there is a concern, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched their Learn the Signs. Act Early. Campaign, which provides free developmental milestone checklists, tips, and tools, including Read More

CHIP program funded for six years

After three days of a government shutdown, federal lawmakers signed a short-term spending bill on January 22, 2018 that reauthorizes and funds the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years. When CHIP expired in September, it put health care services at-risk for more than 9 million low-income children and pregnant women who do not Read More