Jennifer Judkins Joins ACS as Senior Communication Manager

Jennifer Judkins joins Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC  as Senior Communication Manager

Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce Jennifer Judkins has joined the firm as a Senior Communication Manager. Judkins will lead the firm’s strategic communication efforts to support clients nationwide.

“Jennifer has deep experience in developing and delivering information to drive and support a wide variety of internal and external communication strategies including political campaigns, marketing and public relations, community engagement, and staff training. Her expertise will only deepen ACS expertise and capacity in this vein,” said ACS CEO and Co-Founder Lori McClung.

Judkins is a professional writer, editor, and public relations professional who has spent her career advocating for her clients across a broad range of industries. She believes that in order to be an effective communicator, you must know your audience and meet them where, when, and how they want to receive information for maximum influence and change.

ACS President and Co-Founder Scarlett Bouder said, “Judkins personally and professionally aligns with the ACS commitment to the issues. Along with her experience, Jennifer understands the impact strategic communication can have on people, organizations, and communities at large. Her holistic view of partnering with clients has allowed for her to have an almost immediate impact within the firm’s portfolio,”

“Being given the opportunity to work with a female- and minority-owned business is an honor I take very seriously,” said Judkins, “I look forward to learning from and contributing to this team of amazing individuals on issues that are important, relevant, and life changing for ACS clients and those they serve.”

Judkins is currently an active member of both the Cleveland Clinic Advisory Board and the North Coast Rotary. She received her BS in Communications and MA in English from Bowling Green State University. Judkins currently resides in Avon Lake, Ohio with her husband, Dan, three children, and a dog.

About Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC

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