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Influence on All Cylinders

ISBN: 978-1705606346

Check out Influence on All Cylinders, our NEW comprehensive guide to sharing your story, shaping public opinion, winning allies to your cause, and furthering your mission. It’s everything you need to turbocharge your efforts and propel your nonprofit, foundation, government agency or for-profit business forward toward greater impact.

Your New Go-To Resource

This book presents two decade’s worth of on-the-ground, real-world knowledge and expertise in strategy development, communication, advocacy, and capacity building from our nationally recognized and award-winning firm. Learn how to plan for success, craft and share compelling messages, create legislative victories, and boost the capabilities and knowledge within your team. Better yet, learn how all four of these key functions can work together to create a smooth and powerful engine for change. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, you’ll find tips, advice, and guidance that will help you work smarter and more effectively in pursuit of your mission. Read it cover to cover, or flip through to find just the right piece of information right when you need it. Either way, you’ll find this a valuable resource you’ll turn to again and again.

Meet the Authors

For nearly 20 years, Lori McClung and Scarlett Bouder, Co-Founders of Advocacy & Communication Solutions, Inc. and their team have been helping organizations across the country embrace winning strategies that change minds and behaviors, move public policy, and establish themselves as powerful influencers for the causes and issues they believe in. Having served in the trenches in the worlds of public policy, nonprofit, government agency and private business, McClung and Bouder have a deep understanding of the challenges their clients face and the resources that they can harness to deepen their impact. After early careers in media, public policy, advocacy, government relations, and communications, McClung and Bouder created Advocacy & Communication Solutions in 2004 with the notion that, given the right tools and guidance, any organization has the power to influence positive change. Since then, they’ve served clients large and small across the country, and been featured presenters and trainers at dozens of events from Washington, DC to California.

Get to Know the Dynamic Women Behind ACS’s Success

Watch as Lori McClung, CEO, and Scarlett Bouder, President, explain the passion and experience that drive the work of ACS – and why clients repeatedly choose ACS over larger, more traditional firms.

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Influence on All Cylinders
Influence on All Cylinders