The Ohio 8 Coalition Steps Up for Special Student Populations

Despite the increasing numbers of students across the state who are gifted, economically disadvantaged or who have limited proficiency in English, the Ohio House’s and the governor’s versions of the state budget, as well as the Senate’s version, propose no additional funding for these students. With ACS by their sides, members of The Ohio 8 Coalition have spent hours in the Ohio House and Senate advocating for a 2 percent increase ($43 million) in funding for these students, equal to the lowest increase in funding proposed for other student services. This tiny increase would result in significant support for students and come at a cost that is a mere pittance in the House’s proposed $71 billion budget.

The Ohio 8 represents the largest urban public school districts in Ohio, which serve nearly half of the state’s gifted students and more than 30 percent of the state’s students with limited English proficiency. In addition, 86% of students served by the Ohio 8 are economically disadvantaged. To read more about The Ohio 8’s stance on funding special student populations, read this June 14th Letter to the Editor in the Akron Beacon Journal.

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