Buzzsaw Gives Jargon the Boot

With new words and phrases being developed seemingly every day it can be easy to fall prey to peer pressure and lead a life of jargon filled emails, reports, and presentations. Fortunately, Hamish Thompson, managing director of London public-relations firm Houston PR has created a simple online tool for shaming your colleagues and clients alike.

When presented with questionable English, simply copy and paste the offensive statement into Buzzsaw and you’ll be presented with an analysis verifying your suspicions…your co-worker just sent you a jargony sentence.

So, next time your boss sends you a sentence like this, “It’s critical that our firm streamline our ‘outside the box’ approach to client interfacing so that we can become an industry frontrunner among thought-leaders”, simply “reply all” with the prbuzzsaw link. We then suggest you pack up your desk.

ACS works with our clients to develop powerful and succinct messaging (without the jargon). Click here to view ACS’ communication tools and resources including, Tips to Remember- Give Jargon the Boot.

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