StrivePartneship’s Cradle to Career approach shows positive results for children and youth in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

The Cincinnati Inquirer reported findings released in April 2015 that examined the StrivePartnership of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. StrivePartnership focuses on the success of children: every child, every step of the way, cradle to career, with a focus on kindergarten readiness, fourth grade reading, 8th grade math, high school graduation, and college completion. StrivePartnership unites more than 300 cross-sector representatives and providers around shared issues, goals, measurements and results. These findings show the power of uniting stakeholders around a shared goal and shared measurement system.

Comparing 2014 to 2005 baseline data of public, parochial, and postsecondary schools, the report found that across the region, scores have improved. Results indicate:

  • Cincinnati Public Schools saw an 8% increase in high school graduation rates;
  • All districts show improvements in 27 of the 30 indicators.
  • Kindergarten readiness has increased since the baseline year (57% of children are prepared vs. 44% in 2005).
  • Of children prepared for kindergarten, 85 percent are on-track with reading by third grade.

However, indicators also showed room for improvement. Results show:

  • More than 1,720 children showing up for kindergarten unprepared, not knowing their colors, shapes, letters or numbers. Of these children, roughly 87% were from economically disadvantaged families and 74% were non-white.
  • Children are showing up for kindergarten without the necessary social and emotional components to succeed; they don’t know how to sit still and follow directions, or they struggle communicating with their teacher or working in groups.
  • Of those unprepared for kindergarten, only 43% are on-track with reading by third grade, showing the importance of kindergarten readiness on later school success.
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