Making Performance Metrics Meaningful

At ACS we are always on the lookout for fresh ways to think about the work we do. We recently came across a blog by Aubrey Daniels that is not only spot on about the importance of meaningful performance metrics, but also helpful in providing guiding questions for your effort or collaborative to shape the development of those metrics.

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

Measurement changes nothing unless it is associated with meaningful consequences to those being measured. When you understand behavior and how habits are formed and sustained, measurement will become a useful tool.  Without such understanding it is a waste of time and money, upsetting more people than it pleases.

Below are some things to consider in making measuring behavior or other variables meaningful:

  1. Plan a positive consequence for the activity that is being measured.
  2. Reinforce the behavior without waiting for the result.
  3. Rewards (incentives, as some call them) should be considered necessary but not sufficient.
  4. Rewards should be relevant to the performer—know what is reinforcing to the person or variable being measured (Fitbit Awards Badges—I have no idea how many I have or for what.)
  5. Track behavior since it will provide many more opportunities to positively reinforce improvement as reflected by the measure.

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