Medicaid Expansion Boosts Health and Employment

Several states, including Ohio and Michigan, have recently released study results that show Medicaid Expansion continues to improve health and support employment of their states’ residents. This research showed significant benefits, such as:

  • Michigan has seen financial benefits from its expansion, which now covers more than 650,000 residents. In a paper released by Economist Sarah Miller of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, research showed that since the expansion in 2014, enrollees saw an overall reduction of medical bills in collection by 57%, and their average debt was reduced by 28%. This is a huge improvement for a state whose residents average 80% subprime or lower credit scores.
  • Ohio’s report showed that Medicaid expansion has cut the uninsured rate among low-income adults by 60%. Additionally, expansion makes it easier to work, and 83.5% of working beneficiaries said having Medicaid make it easier to find and maintain employment.

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