As a leader in program integrity for Medicaid and Health and Human Services programs across the country, HMS sought a consultant that understood state government and interconnection among state agencies, their programs, and policy. They called on ACS’ knowledge in each area to help tap into opportunities for growth in Ohio.

How we did it: ACS serves as a lobbyist for HMS and Permedion, Inc., (HMS subsidiary) before the State of Ohio, including executive agencies and legislators, and provides strategic political, advocacy, and communication advice to help advance client priorities. ACS’ longstanding relationships within the state’s legislative branch and deep understanding of Medicaid provided HMS with the right information at the right time to make the most effective pitch.

Outcomes to date: With ACS’ help, HMS has secured more than $20 million in State contracts and now provides valuable services in Medicaid liability recovery, hospital utilization management, mental health utilization review, and Medicaid eligibility, saving the State of Ohio tens of millions of dollars each year. ACS was also instrumental in helping to establish a pilot program to help the State of Ohio Medicaid program recover millions in erroneous payments – the first of its kind in the country – for HMS.

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Our government relations strategy goes beyond the typical. It’s more than lobbying and more dynamic. We like working with ACS because they’re creative and think outside the box to help us work with the state to build policies that better serve the people.”

Kristen Ballantine

HMS Vice President for State and Federal Government Relations