A Place 4 Me is a cross-sector initiative that harnesses the strengths and resources of its partners to prevent and end homelessness among young adults age 15 to 24 in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County. Presented with a tremendous opportunity to increase impact through a national 100-day challenge to prevent and end youth homelessness, AP4M turned to ACS to help with communication and increase local awareness. ACS facilitated a strategy session to better understand the initiatives communication needs and opportunities and develop a communication strategy.


Outcomes (to date):

  • Developed communication collateral for the 100-Day Challenge, including press releases, background documents, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Created evergreen communication collateral, including profiles of youth and documents that cover:
    1. Innovations developed through the 100-Day Challenge
    2. Collaboration with community organizations
    3. A focus on youth engagement