The Ohio 8 Coalition Testifies at the State House

On Wednesday May 13, 2015 David Romick, President of the Dayton Education Association presented The Ohio 8 Coalition‘s testimony on HB 64 to the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Education. The Ohio 8 Coalition’s testimony highlighted concerns and recommendations related to:

  1. Funding for special populations,
  2. Inclusion of transportation directors on the new Transportation Taskforce,
  3. School funding stability, and
  4. Measures to increase charter school accountability and transparency.

The Ohio 8 Coalition brings a shared administrator – teacher voice to help shape state education policy. Comprised of the superintendents and teacher union presidents from Ohio’s eight urban school districts, the coalition’s mission is to work with policy makers to improve academic performance, increase graduation rates and close the achievement gap for urban children throughout Ohio. The Coalition carries out its mission by working closely with legislators, educators, parents, labor and community officials.

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