PRE4CLE Honors First 90 Providers in Cleveland to be Part of High-Quality Preschool Expansion Efforts

In May 2015, PRE4CLE honored the first group of 90 early childhood education centers, Head Start programs and Cleveland Metropolitan School District preschools that have chosen to be a part of Cleveland’s preschool expansion initiative, which aims to provide high-quality preschool to all of Cleveland’s three and four-year-old children.

“We want to acknowledge the commitment these centers and schools have made to provide high-quality preschool to Cleveland’s children by being some of the first organizations associated with PRE4CLE,” said Katie Kelly, PRE4CLE director. “Through their participation in PRE4CLE, these providers play an important role in preparing Cleveland’s children for academic success. The preschool years are a crucial window of time to show children how to be successful students and inspire their love of learning.”

In total, these providers can serve 4,378 children in 226 high-quality preschool classrooms across the city.  These providers are private providers, Head Start programs, and Cleveland Metropolitan School District preschool classrooms.

ACS uses its strategic communication and advocacy expertise to help PRE4CLE expand awareness of the importance of high-quality preschool and the demand for high-quality education in Cleveland.

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