New ACS case study: Raising the Bar on Behalf of Boys & Young Men of Color

The new ACS case study, Raising the Bar on Behalf of Boys & Young Men of Color, spells out how a deep and customized approach to grantee technical assistance provided added value for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and five grantees in the Forward Promise initiative. The Forward Promise initiative addresses the fact that boys and young men of color are more likely to grow up in poverty, live in unsafe neighborhoods, and attend schools that lack the basic resources and supports that kids need in order to thrive.

A customized technical assistance approach is especially effective for grantees who are working to build and leverage community relationships and rally new supporters around innovative ideas.  RWJF and its grantees received added value that went well beyond traditional technical assistance. “We were able to help grantees learn as peers from one another and share ideas that could feed into each others’ plans,” says Lori McClung, President of ACS.

To learn more about how ACS’s deeply customized approach to technical assistance delivers lasting value, read the full case study.

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