Need to Speak Out? Check Out These Tips

At ACS, we’ve helped many of our clients learn how to be better spokespersons for their organizations and causes. In our opinion there is nothing better than in-person training and coaching, but we were happy to see a recent article in Education Week entitled, “Becoming a Better Public Speaker: Tips from the Greats.” When we read this article, it was almost as if the writer had attended our spokesperson training! There are great tips and tricks summarized here such as telling a story and showing your own passion for the topic. There’s also the author’s more subtle reminder to practice a presentation many times before you give it.


Those kinds of basics are always important, but we also take it a step farther. In our spokesperson trainings and one-on-one consultations, we help our clients decide what to say, create a message frame, and pivot away from distractions and stay on point under pressure­ — even in the most challenging situations. Want more help building the skills that will make your next speaking engagement a hit? Contact Scarlett Bouder to schedule a spokesperson training for yourself or your team, and check out these three tools on our website:

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