NAEYC Issues a Call to Action for Early Childhood

For nearly ninety years the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has been the voice of high quality early learning in the United States and around the globe. Among its many accomplishments, NAEYC is known for developing a global standard for early childhood programs and professional development for early childhood providers.

With the help of ACS, NAEYC is doubling down on its policy work for young children by issuing a Call to Action, which outlines NAEYC’s commitment to guaranteeing that all young children thrive in learn in a society that is dedicated to ensuring they reach their full potential. The Call to Action encourages NAEYC affiliates to support the organization’s efforts to ensure that children birth through age 9 have equitable access to developmentally appropriate and high quality early learning, and that the early childhood education profession exemplifies excellence and is recognized as a vital and critical role in our communities.  The NAEYC Call to Action includes a number of specific actions that advocates can take.

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