NAEYC Expertise Cited in Major Media

ACS client National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) was recently featured in the New York Times and on Seattle Public Radio.

In the New York Times article, Kyle Snow, NAEYC’s applied research director, lent his expert perspective to an examination of the pros and cons of e-readers for early learning, and the fact that it’s too early to tell exactly how digital technology will have an impact on young learners. In Seattle, Snow was interviewed for a story on 94.9 FM KUOW about a program designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of home-based pre-K caregivers.

In both cases, Snow and NAEYC positioned the organization well as a leader in research and thought on pre-K policy and practice. Well done!

Watch for more NAEYC news this week, as early childhood professionals from across the world gather in Dallas for NAEYC’s  annual conference!

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