Measure Your Communication Impact With This Checklist

You know effective communication is important. With the right plan and execution, you can build awareness for your cause, strengthen your base of support, inspire action in others, and help bring about meaningful change. But how do you know that your communication efforts are delivering the intended impact?

ACS is pleased to share our latest online tool, Measuring Your Communication Impact. This checklist will help you figure out how to track communication efforts, which strategies and tools are delivering the best results, and where and when changes may be in order.

Measuring Your Communication Impact offers an eight-step checklist to help you:

1.      Understand your purpose for communication

2.      Build a roadmap for communication

3.      Identify potential impact

4.      Understand the difference between process indicators and outcome indicators for tracking success

5.      Get a handle on what you’re tracking well and where you can do better

6.      Identify new ways to measure impact

7.      Tell stories of transformation with the data you collect, and

8.      Learn and adapt as you go

With clear examples of measurement and links to other helpful tools in the communication planning process, Measuring Your Communication Impact will give you new insight and direction for not only creating effective communication – but for proving that it works!

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