Gates Foundation Findings Confirm High Quality Early Childhood Education Impacts School Readiness for Young Children

The Gates Foundation released an extensive report in September 2014 titled Lessons from Research and the Classroom: Implementing High-Quality Pre-K that Makes a Difference for Young Children. This report explores what makes programs successful and how best to spend early education dollars. Most importantly, this report narrows in on the most effective way to invest in early childhood education; by directing dollars to high quality preschool programs for low-income children.

Findings suggest that not enough of the available funding is being spent on high-quality preschool programs. A critical finding, because the report finds that low and middle performing early childhood education programs have either a negative or no impact on school readiness for children.

The Gates Foundation’s Early Childhood Learning initiative works to ensure that every child has high-quality early learning opportunities that support kindergarten readiness and elementary school achievement to ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

ACS understands the significant impact of high quality early childhood education. Our client, PRE4CLE, works to expand access to high-quality pre-K to children in the City of Cleveland. PRE4CLE will work with the community to connect parents and families to available high-quality pre-K opportunities. Read more about PRE4CLE here.

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