City of Little Rock passes resolution to implement Master Plan for Children, Youth, and Families

After Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC, (ACS) successfully presented Little Rock’s Master Plan for Children, Youth, and Families to the city’s Board of Directors on June 7th, the 9 city board members unanimously approved the plan. Following this initial approval by the Board of Directors, formal approval in the form of a resolution was passed on June 21th, 2016. The resolution allows for the implementation of the Master Plan, starting immediately.

The Master Plan sets out to create safer and healthier communities for families, and increase educational, employment and wellness opportunities for children and youth.

The three-year Master Plan will serve as a framework for the city to implement the following goals that lay the foundation for city programs and services for the next 10 years:

  1. Use data to prioritize programs and services (such as academic assistance, job training, mentorship, counseling, and substance abuse treatment) and work with partners across the city to fulfill unmet needs such as housing and food assistance;
  2. Create a set of standards that will increase program quality for children youth and families and create benchmarks and indicators that ensure accountability;
  3. Create a plan to increase communication with the community;
  4. Fund additional programs that provide employment skills; and
  5. Integrate greater youth participation in the decision-making.

ACS was honored to be part of the Master Plan process for the past 16 months, convening and working with local stakeholders in the city to help develop this critical plan for the youth of Little Rock.

Learn more about the Little Rock Youth Master Plan here.


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