ACS is Celebrating 20 Years with 20 Questions: Marcia Egbert

This year, ACS turns 20! We’re celebrating with a game of “20 Questions,” featuring some of the people who’ve inspired us the most during our two decades in business.

Featured Guest: May 2024

Marcia Egbert, Program Director, Thriving Families and Social Justice, George Gund Foundation

Why we love Marcia:
Marcia is a thought partner and a mentor with a passion for social justice and fairness that never ceases to inspire. She understands the commitment and patience necessary to create deep and meaningful policy change that creates lasting positive impacts for families and children in Ohio and continues to strategically influence the policy sphere with optimism, creativity, and unflagging determination.

Marcia’s featured answers:
What’s one public policy you’d change?
Fully reinstate and make permanent the Covid pandemic’s enhanced federal Child Tax Credit that instantly lifted more than half of poor children in America out of poverty.
Rock, rap, or country?
Gonna go straight to rock of the 3; if you’d thrown in jazz and opera you’d have my top 3.

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