ACS does the forest clearing for us. They have done a remarkable job making sure those on the Senate side and the House side know some of the challenges that we face and so therefore are more apt to listen to our opinions.”

Lori Ward

Superintendent, Dayton Public Schools
Former Co-Chair, The Ohio 8 Coalition

I believe that Arizona and First Things First probably have one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive strategic communications efforts that I’ve seen in early childhood in any state — and I don’t think we would have been there without the partnership we had with ACS.”

Sam Leyvas

CEO, First Things First

We can find other firms that can do this work, but we wanted someone we trust who could work both thoroughly and expediently.

Our story is appropriately shared and told, opportunities are created or presented to us, exisiting business is protected and we have a solid understanding of the ever-changing political and policy landscapes.”

Marcia Egbert

Senior Program Officer, The George Gund Foundation

ACS is a multi-dimensional and solution focused (lobbying & communication firm) as compared to a more traditional support/oppose type approach. They are an incredible resource for information and policy development that can be shared with others.”

David Quolke

President, Cleveland Teachers Union
Former Co-Chair, The Ohio 8 Coalition